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Carla Issue 13


Carla Issue 13 includes:
Letter to the Editor
–Julie Weitz with Angella d’Avignon

Don’t Make Everything Boring:
On Artists and Affordable Housing
–Catherine Wagley

The Collaborative Art World
of Norm Laich
–Matt Stromberg

Oddly Satisfying Art
–Travis Diehl

Made in L.A. 2018
–Claire de Dobay Rifelj
–Jennifer Remenchik
–Aaron Horst

Exquisite L.A.
–Claressinka Anderson & Joe Pugliese
Featuring: Anna Sew Hoy, Guadalupe Rosales,
and Shizu Saldamando

It’s Snowing in LA at AA|LA
–Matthew Lax

Fiona Connor at the MAK Center
–Thomas Duncan

Show 2 at The Gallery @ Michael’s
–Simone Krug

Deborah Roberts at Luis de Jesus
–Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi

Mimi Lauter at Blum & Poe
–Jessica Simmons
(L.A. in N.Y.)
Math Bass at Mary Boone
–Ashton Cooper

(L.A. in N.Y.)
Condo New York
–Laura Brown