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Carla Issue 14


Carla Issue 14 includes:

Celeste Dupuy-Spencer
And Figurative Religion
–Catherine Wagley

Lynch in Traffic
–Travis Diehl

The Frenetic Symbology of Nina Chanel Abney
–Lindsay Preston Zappas

Interview with Kulapat Yantasast
–Christie Hayden

Exquisite L.A.
Featuring: Sandra de la Loza, Gloria Galvez and Steve Wong
–Claressinka Anderson, Joe Pugliese

Raúl de Nieves
at Freedman Fitzpatrick
–Aaron Horst

Gertrud Parker
at Parker Gallery
–Ashton Cooper

Robert Yarber
at Nicodim Gallery
–Jonathan Griffin

Nikita Gale
at Commonwealth and Council
–Simone Krug

Lari Pittman
at Regen Projects
–Matt Stromberg

(L.A. in N.Y.)
Eckhaus Latta
at the Whitney Museum
–Angella d’Avignon