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Carla Issue 3


Issue 3

Le Louvre, Las Vegas
by Evan Moffitt

iPhones, Flesh, and the Word
(F.B.I. at Arturo Bandini)
by Lindsay Preston Zappas

Women Talk About Barney
by Catherine Wagley

How we Practice
by Carmen Winant

Lingua Ignota
(Faith Wilding at The Armory & Loudhailer)
by Benjamin Lord

A Conversation with Amalia Ulman
by Char Jansen

Share Your Piece of the Puzzle
by Frederica Bueti

Amanda Ross Ho Photographs Erik Frydenborg


Honeydew at Michael Thibault
by Eli Diner

Fred Tomaselli at California State University, Fullerton
by Jonathan Griffin

Trisha Donnelly at Matthew Marks
by Don Edler

Bradford Kessler at ASHES/ASHES
by Aaron Horst